Moschino’s New Collection Lets You Dress Like The Sims

It’s sure to cost a few Simoleons

The Sims Moschino

If you’re struggling to decide what to wear this fashion season, Moschino has you covered with its new collection. Dressing in perfect pixels, the designer fashion house’s latest wears will turn you into a real-life Sims.

Jeremy Scott has become the ultimate master of pop culture with his capsule collection. The Sims is due to celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2020, making it one of the longest-running gaming franchises out there.

To celebrate this milestone, Scott has teamed with Moschino to release a variety of Sims-themed clothing, phone cases, and handbags. Fans can also get their own Plumbob (the green diamond above a Sim’s head) earrings, umbrellas, and swimwear.

Speaking about the collection, Scott said: “I love the idea of being able to imagine, design and bring to life a world of individual personas with The Sims universe.”

He continued: “That concept emulates what I get to do for each collection at Moschino as I create a fantasy universe of spectacular storylines and characters.”

Scott has transformed models Stella Maxwell, Aiden and Denek K into his own real-life Sims to show off what’s coming our way. Safe to say, the nostalgia-packed idea has already created a buzz online.

For anyone who hasn’t played The Sims, A) Where have you been? and B) Buy a copy now. Basically, you’re tasked with controlling the lives of doomed residents in a computerised suburb.

As well as building your dream house, you could make them fall in love, start a family, go to work, and die in a variety of horrific ways. Don’t pretend that you’ve never sent your unknowing Sim for a swim, then taken the stairs away and watched them paddle until they perish.

Over the years, EA Games has released a variety of expansion packs/sequels, but nothing will live up to the franchise’s heyday all those years ago. Believe me, I’ve played everything from The Sims: Hot Date to The Sims: Makin’ Magic.

As for Moschino, there will be a series of ready-to-wear items and a limited run of eight Moschino x The Sims products available in Moschino shops and online from April 13.

The big question is, where’s the Sad Clown-themed collection to remember The Sims‘ standout character?

[Featured Image: EA Games/Moschino Instagram

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