Morrisons Launches Spiciest Curry Ever From Hottest Chillis

Messenger Spice fans – you’re in for a treat. If you’re more likely to go for a …read more


Spice fans – you’re in for a treat. If you’re more likely to go for a Madras over a Korma, and even that’s too tame for your tastebuds, then Morrison’s has got you covered.

Earlier this year, they brought out their ‘hottest curry ever’. But fans weren’t overly impressed. They wanted more. So Morrison’s has released a new curry that has an eight chilli rating – two more than its predecessor, Volcanic Vindaloo.

The Flaming Fiery Phaal is made with two of the hottest chillis on earth, the Scorpion and Naga. The packaging is covered in warnings, so you’ll have to be quite brave to go for it. Oh, and you’ll also potentially have to show ID as it’s not allowed to be sold to under-16s.

Credit: Morrison’s

Paul McCourt of Runcorn, Cheshire started off the complaints about the Volcanic Vindaloo not being hot enough. He said: “I’m a big spice fan and always enjoy a challenge, however the Volcanic Vindaloo wasn’t hot enough for me. Although I’ve been made to eat my words after tasting the Flaming Fiery Phaal.”

Morrison’s chef Vimal Dhananjayan said: “We love to hear back from customers and were happy to take on Paul’s challenge. The difficulty when making a phaal is to make sure it’s got as much flavour as it has heat. But we think we’ve pulled it off and we’re really glad Paul approves.”

Credit: Morrison’s

The 350g portion for £2 is available now, and there’s also a side of 12 Roulette Onion Bhajis with three mystery extra hot ones.

For anyone who hasn’t had the ‘pleasure’ of sampling the McDonald’s limited edition ‘Fiery Buffalo Chicken Wrap’ it’s certainly not for the faint hearted.

If you have tried it, I’m sure you’re in agreement that whatever they put in that sauce is quite honestly hotter than the surface of the sun.

Now I like spicy food, I mean, really really like spicy food.

So I wasn’t sure whether I was being a tad dramatic when I compared the sauce to the surface of the sun. Turns out I’m not alone though.


The latest wrap to join the McDonald’s range sounds pretty damn nice. “Crispy chicken breast strips with a fiery buffalo sauce, Pepper Jack cheese, lettuce and red onion in a soft, toasted tortilla wrap.”

Has that fiery buffalo sauce taken things a little too far though? Many customers have been taking to Twitter to share their own dramatic encounters with the snack.

Perhaps a lawsuit may be a tad melodramatic, the general consensus is in though, the wrap is definitely geared towards the riskier diner.

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