Modern Family Fans Furious After Sarah Hyland Reveals Huge Spoiler

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Now I’m only going to warn you once, there WILL 100% be spoilers for the upcoming episodes of Modern Family, and if you’re not wanting to find out anything before it is shown on your screens then I’d click off this article right now. Here’s your final warning, before the spoilers arrive.

For those of you who really don’t mind, or probably have already had the show spoiled by one of the cast members, then you can continue to read. So basically, at the end of the most recent half season break it was revealed that Sarah Hyland’s character, Hayley Dunphy was expecting her first child with long-term on/off boyfriend, Dylan.

Well, according to People magazine, it’s all about to get even more real for the eldest Dunphy daughter, after she goes to her scan and the doctor picks up two heartbeats instead of one. Freaking out, Hayley then turns to Dylan and says:

“That’s impossible. It’s a mistake. I can’t have twins. That’s twice as many babies as we were expecting. How are they going to fit in our place?

“How are they going to fit in my body? One is always going to be awake. I’ll never sleep again. And those double strollers are so wide, I can say goodbye to ever shopping in a boutique.”

Luckily, mother Claire Dunphy (played by Julie Bowen) is on hand to give her the support that she needs, by telling Hayley: “You’re not alone. As you’re about to find out, being a mom is very complicated.

“Luckily there are these instincts that kick in, especially when your kid’s in trouble. So, if you’re overwhelmed, I’m right over your shoulder on the wings of a hummingbird.”

However, after the news was broken by People, actress Sarah then went on to share the exciting spoiler on her own Twitter account, displaying just shocked emoji faces and two baby emojis – confirming the news that Hayley is definitely pregnant with twins.

Fans then furiously lashed out at the actress, saying that it was unfair of her to spoil the show for them, to which she replied ‘Because I was told to 🤷🏻‍♀️ sowwwyyyyy.”

[Featured Image Credit: ABC’s Modern Family]

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