M&M’s Is Bringing Out A Jalapeño Peanut Flavour


If you’re a fan of spicy chocolate (these people do exist) then you’ll love the new flavour from M&M’s – Jalapeño Peanut.

The flavour has been introduced as part of a public vote, where people can decide which flavour stays.

Candy Hunting says: “SAY WHAT?! The next M&M’s vote is for “Internationally Inspired Flavors.” The one flavor circulating the interwebs right now is Mexican Jalapeño Peanut. Yeah, I’d eat that. Edit: @snackchatlive has the scoop on all 3! The other two are English Toffee Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut!”

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They are coming! Just found images of the 3 new M&Ms flavor vote in a recent distributor catalog. No date was given.. just “coming soon”. Interesting flavors this year- and all peanut. English Toffee, Thai Coconut and Mexican Jalapeño. Toffee sounds good and safe, Jalapeño might be just another Chili Nut unless it has a true Jalapeño taste and Thai Coconut… that’s the one I’m curious about. No matter how many flavors are introduced I always stick to regular peanut- but sure is fun to try them all. First reported to us all by @snackchatlive months ago. 🙌🏻. #mnms #mandms #marswrigleyconfectionery #englishtoffeepeanut #thaicoconutpeanut #mexicanjalapenopeanut #mnmflavorvote2019 #mnmmars #mandmschocolate

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English Toffee Peanut and Thai Coconut Peanut both sound incredible too, to be fair.

It has not been announced when exactly these flavors will become available in 2019, but hopefully it’ll be soon as I’m dying to try these.

Featured image credit: snackchatlive/candy hunting/Instagram

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