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M&M Chocolate Bars Are Launching In The UK And They Look Delicious

These looks incredible.


M&M’s was launched back in 1941, believe it or not, and now they’re introducing a chocolate bar.

They’ve been around in the US and Australia for a while, but they’re hitting the UK in Tesco nationwide from 17th July. Then, from the 17th August, there will be a full national rollout across other retailers.

Cordelia Linacre, M&M’s Senior Brand Manager, said: “We’ve been inundated with requests to bring M&M’s Bars to the UK – so we’re extremely excited to announce that the wait is over! We invite existing fans and all chocolate lovers to get stuck in!”

The bars will come in four delicious types: Chocolate, Peanut, Crispy and Hazelnut.

In similar chocolate news, if you’ve ever wanted to be a chocolate tester then now is your chance.

Maltesers, Snickers, and Mars Bars are looking for chocolate testers who will munch through a whole load of the stuff to make sure it’s of the best quality possible.


In even better news, experience isn’t necessary – you just need to have great tastebuds, reports Manchester Evening News (MEN). Winning.

The interviews isn’t for the faint-hearted though. You have to rate a whole load of different roads on a scale from 1 to 15 for how sweet, savoury, bitter, or salty they are. That sounds like a lot.

The job is with the owner of Maltesers, Mars, and Snickers – Mars Wrigley. If successful, you get six-months of intensive taste training prior to taking up the role in Slough.

Believe it or not, this role actually does get paid! I know, I’d happily do it for free. The hours are a blissful 12 a day, four days a week. That’s three day weekends, could this job get any better?!

The salary is between £9.76 and £10.25 an hour.


Linda Lopez, senior sensory manager at Mars Wrigley, told MEN: “We are thrilled to be recruiting for our next group of Chocolate Tasters,

“We encourage anyone that has an interest in the textures and tastes of chocolate to apply – we’ll train you in the rest!”

The closing date for applications is TODAY (July 8) so get your applications in quick!

Check out the full listing here for more details on the role, and how to apply.

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