Millionaire Wants To ‘Pay Someone £5000 To Attend Festivals With Him’

For those who LOVE festivals.


For most people, going to a festival is a once-a-year paid for occasion which probably involves some extreme saving, and months of booking work off in advance to be able to justify it.

But if you find yourself wishing you could make some new friends AND head on over to a festival for free, well, this millionaire is in need of your help.

Found as a post on a website called Hush Hush, which is a ‘luxury shopping and request website for millionaires’, the unnamed gent apparently wants someone to come along with him to many, many festivals – and he also wants someone to help him ‘continue his luxurious lifestyle’ while he’s there – so that means you’d be putting up the tent. The advert reads:

“The request comes from a millionaire who’s on the hunt for a festival concierge who can help him have the most authentic festival experience… but with his usual luxuries.

The millionaire has never been to a festival and said he feels like he is missing out. So, what will the successful festival concierge do? Well, you’ll be attending some the biggest festivals, while assisting the millionaire.

You’ll be expected to help set up the tent, buy camping supplies and help ensure the millionaire has a great experience. Suitable candidates will need to be at least 18 years old, have good experience with attending festivals and a passport. It’s a great opportunity for both the millionaire and concierge!

I mean, being payed £5000 to go to festivals and be someones buddy along the way doesn’t sound TOO bad. It also says that the candidate needs a passport, meaning international travel is most likely, so ALL types of festivals are going to be on the cards here. Ever fancied Tomorrowland, or Ultra? Maybe this is the job for you.

[Featured Image Credit: Pexels]

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