Men Are Warned To Stop Injecting Their Penises With Cooking Oil

Ouch, that’s got to hurt

Men Cooking Oil

Forget cooking oil, it turns out men are heading to the kitchen to get ‘cocking oil’ and injecting their ‘chap’ with it to grow their penises. Whether you believe that whole “it’s not the size” thing or not, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that injecting cooking oil into any part of your body probably isn’t a good idea.

This worrying trend has apparently taken off in Papua New Guinea, where over 500 cases have already been reported. Cross your legs because it’s about to get a bit graphic.

Although an oil-pumped penis might look bigger for a while, ulcers form that eventually burst. One fifth require surgery to repair damage to the erectile muscles and some of the men may never have sex again. Sadly, the youngest case involves a 16-year-old boy.

Surgeon Akule Danlop told The Guardian how there’s been a worrying rise in the number of men trying this bizarre act. He explained, “The bulk of them have abnormal, lumpy masses growing over the penis and sometimes involving the scrotum.”

He claims he’s seeing around five new cases a week and recently had seven in just one day. The men are from all different background, but the main age range is between 18 and 40.

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Danlop continued, “A good number are coming in with ulcers; they eventually burst open. Some of them have difficulty urinating because the foreskin is so swollen it cannot contract. Predominantly they regret what they have done.”

Men are doing this to apparently improve their sex life, but to be honest, I can’t imagine a lumpy penis oozing with cooking oil is that attractive. The home procedures are apparently being done by off-duty male nurses who want to line their pockets with a little extra money.

Glen Mola — professor of reproductive health, obstetrics and gynaecology at the University of PNG — said the men are being “conned” into it. She claimed, “Lots of young men are being conned … to pay some money to be enlarged and sustaining quite serious injuries.”

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“It doesn’t do what it’s purported to do and can cause terrible damage, and can mean in some cases that you can’t have sex anymore.”

Doctors are trying to battle the epidemic and are conducting research to discover why these men are going to such extreme lengths. While it’s thought that online pornography could have something to do with it, doctors are still looking into the issue.

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