Meghan Markle Is Being Accused Of ‘Copying Kylie Jenner’

People are calling out the Duchess on social media.


Meghan Markle revealed her brand new baby boy, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor to the world just last week, with her and Prince Harry stepping firmly into their new parental roles.

But as you can imagine, people of the world already has some kind of problem, and want to find absolutely any reason to give the poor Duchess Of Sussex a difficult time, and the most recent one is that they’re saying her Mother’s Day Instagram post has been lifted right from Kylie Jenner’s baby reveal.

Here’s the image that everyone is blasting, and underneath is Kylie’s.

 However, royal fans have accused the Duchess of 'copying' Kylie Jenner's baby announcement post from February 2018
Kylie Jenner Instagram
 One pointed out how both Meghan and Kylie are wearing 'the same nail polish'

One user wrote: “I thought I was viewing a Kardashian post…”

Another user agreed: “Yes right! It could’ve been Kim’s new baby.”

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