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McDonald’s Just Unveiled Its Entire Christmas Menu

So many exciting new things!


Yesterday we told you that the Millionaire’s latte would be making its way back into their restaurants, and now we can confirm that the entire menu has been released, and it sounds delicious.

The Matchmakers mcflurry is back (Credit: McDonald's)
The millionaire's latte joins the festive drink menu (Credit: McDonald's)

You’ll be able to get your hands on the Matchmaker McFlurry for

There’s also a new mixed berry muffin (£1.29) made with blueberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants, and a tasty new chocolate brownie (£1.39) is also being sold in stores.

The millionaire's doughnut is joining the Christmas menu (Credit: McDonald's)

Because Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without Matchmakers, McDonald’s has also announced an exciting the return of the mint flavoured Matchmaker McFlurry, costing 99p for a regular pot and £1.39 if you want to upgrade to large.

McDonald’s has announced that it’s bringing back it’s loved Millionaire’s latte as part of their festive offerings, and this time it’s accompanied by a delicious looking doughnut.

The millionaire's doughnut is joining the Christmas menu (Credit: McDonald's)

Posted as a video on their official UK Facebook channel, it showed the reveal of the delicious treat, however as McDonald’s is still finishing off the last of their ‘Great Tastes Of The World’ with their final burger – The Italian Stack.

The Italian Stack is due to finish sale on the 13th November, meaning that from that point onwards it’s all Christmas menu, all the time. Well, until the festive period is over, obviously.

It appears that you can already buy the Millionaire’s coffee as of today, as I have done some detective work and managed to find it on the McDonald’s UK website AND I sent one of my colleagues into the stores and he confirmed that you CAN buy it now.

Normally McDonald’s steps up the Christmas game, so maybe if we’re lucky enough they might bring back the Chocolate Orange Pie, which in my humble opinion is MILES better than any of the cranberry, or apple offerings that they currently have.

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