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McDonald’s Is Selling Cheesy Bacon Fries And It’s Changed Everything

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McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries Featured

Our fast food dreams have come true as McDonald’s is finally selling cheesy bacon fries across America. Let the bacon rain down as the meaty gods shower us all with salty goodness on the McDonald’s menu.

Sure, bacon may not be the healthiest food you can tuck into, but let’s be honest, neither is McDonald’s.

Forget that New Year’s resolution about shedding a few pounds, Ronald McDonald is here to fatten us all up in January.

While most of us are used to ordering a side of cheese and bacon-smothered fries from your average American diner, the golden arches have been a little slower on the uptake…until now.

McDonald's Cheesy Bacon Fries

It’s not just those loyal potato soldiers who are getting a crispy coat of bacon. The Big Mac Bacon and Quarter Pounder with bacon are also on the menu from January 30.

We’d love to road-test the loaded cheese and bacon fries first, but rest assured, we’ll also jump at the chance to try that secret Big Mac sauce with a side of bacon.

Considering bacon is a much-requested item at the fast food giant, it didn’t take long for the Twitterverse to share its excitement about the new additions.




Cheesy bacon fries were previously spotted in Hawaii, Northern California, Fresno California, Northern Nevada and Lake Tahoe last November, but you might remember when Maccy D’s tested loaded bacon and cheese fries across the USA in 2017.

It’s a little ahead of schedule for National Bacon Day in August, but we’re still loving the idea of chucking some cheeky streaky on our favourite menu items.

Sadly, these bacon beauties are set to be around for “a limited time only”. You’d better tuck in while you can. Either way, it looks like McDonald’s is bringing home the bacon with this one.

[Featured Image: ABC/Pixabay]

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