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McDonald’s Is Giving Away Free Iced Lattes Right Now

Amazing news.


The sun might not be out right now, but it’s definitely summer in McDonald’s as they’re giving away free iced lattes right now. With no purchase necessary – nice!

To get your hands on one, which would usually set you back £1.99, all you need to do is download the McDonald’s app (which is available on Apple and Android)

Once you’ve downloaded the app, head over to your closest McDonald’s and order your drink at the manned tills (not the self-service screens). The offer launched today and runs until June 9th.

Pick me one up on your way back, please!

In similar news, vegans unite — it looks like those golden arches are finally listening to your demands. McDonald’s is preparing to massively expand its vegan menu.

While McDonald’s has a few vegan options in countries around the world, places like the United Kingdom are still pretty far behind when it comes to Ronald McDonald being vegan-friendly.

Now, the fast food supergiant is teasing its plans to introduce vegan Big Mac and Quarter Pounder options.

Speaking to CNBC’s Squawk on the Street, McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said “watch this space” when quizzed on vegan versions of its most popular items.

He explained his thought process behind vegan classics: “The question is: Will the demand make absorbing it worth the complexity because it will drive the business? We had a similar discussion maybe four years ago about All-Day Breakfast.”

Easter brook continued, “I don’t think it’s faddish…Whether it maintains the same level of buzz is what’s interesting.

“When you look at the whole meat-substitute type ideas, I think what will be interesting for us will be to see who is particularly interested in that. Is it an existing customer who just wants an alternative option; does it bring a new customer in?”

McDonald's Vegan Burger

This comes off the back of McDonald’s Germany introducing its own vegan burger. The Big Vegan TS is answering all your vegan prayers. As well as being 100% meat-free, the Big Vegan TS will be cooked in separate oil to avoid cross-contamination with the other burgers.

If you want to take a bite, there’s also good news that the vegan patty has exactly the same amount of protein as the meat version.

Elsewhere, Maccy D rival Burger King has reinvented its best-selling Whopper for the vegan market.

According to The New York Times, the Impossible Whopper will appear on the menus of 59 locations in the St. Louis, Missouri area. If a success, the mouth-watering plant-based burger will roll-out across the USA’s 7,000+ stores.

Burger King Vegan Whopper
Burger King

For anyone doesn’t know what an Impossible burger is, it’s the brainchild of Impossible Foods — launching its substitute burger in 2016. Impossible Foods apparently has the authentic taste and texture of real meat, which even bleeds!

Considering the Big Mac and Quarter Pounder are easily two of McDonald’s favourite menu items, it makes sense that crafty clown wants to cash in on the market.

Featured image credit: McDonald’s

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