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McDonald’s Addicts Can Now Buy A Big Mac-Scented Candle

*drools in Homer Simpson*

McDonald's Candle

If you want buns hun, a McDonald’s-inspired cheeseburger candle could now be yours. Hoping to carry on from the success of KFC’s gravy-scented fragrance, the smell of those golden arches are sure to have us all inhaling that MSG-laced aroma.

While most of us try to stop our car/bedroom stinking of Maccy D’s when we’ve snuck one behind our partner’s back, a scented candle could be an even better way to hide that you’ve cheated on your new diet.

Australian site Grey Lines has launched a whole selection of hangover-curing candles. As well as instant noodles and bacon options, there’s also garlic bread and the aforementioned cheeseburger. Dubbed “The Maccas Run”, the cheeseburger candle includes hints of beef, cheese, pickles, and onions — not a hint of patchouli in sight.

After selling out in record time when they launched last year, the cheeseburger candles are back in stock. It may sound great, but the price isn’t to be ‘sniffed’ at. Clocking in at $29.95 AUD (about £16), that’s a pretty pricey pong. If you want to have your guests saying “what’s that smell?”, Grey Lines promises that its candles have a 30-hour burn time.

Either way, it’s a pretty popular idea. Writing on Instagram, one fan wrote, “If we sniff it… it’s the satisfaction without the calories!”. Another confessed, “I would probably eat the candle”, and another said, “Oh man this is probably the best gift ever… does it come with the matching fries scent too?”. Chances are, you’ll either love or loathe the idea.

Burger stock image

There is a simpler way to enjoy the stench of a though. Go into any student’s room after a night on the tiles and chances are there’s a half-eaten cheeseburger making their room stink like the candle. All the good bits of a cheeseburger candle, without the dangers of a naked flame.

Grey Lines has you covered when it comes to candles. As well as the above aromas, there also a “Cardi B’s fiery attitude” bubblegum-scented candle and “Kanye’s ego: Filled with self-love, arrogance, and conceitedness”. Take your pick!

[Featured Image: Grey Lines/Pixabay]

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