Matthew Perry Worries Fans With ‘Concerning’ Therapy Tweet

He posted a tweet to his social media saying: “I’ve just been kicked out of therapy”.


Iconic Friends star Matthew Perry worried fans recently when he posted a ‘concerning’ message to his social media stating that he had been ‘kicked out of therapy’.

Following the tweet, fans rushed to send their messages of concern and support to Perry. One user wrote: “I don’t know what is going on, but I hope you are alright and have people to support you.”

Another commented: “Hey, …you talk a lot about helping others in recovery. Maybe this is completely crossing the line and inappropriate but as fan of Matthew Perry, this tweet seems to be more alarming than funny. Can you help?”

Fans even called on Perry’s former co-stars to ‘check in’ on the actor, wondering whether or not his tweet was a ‘joke’ or a ‘serious cry for help’.

The actor is known for having troubles with addiction in the past, and many were quick to worry that he had ‘fallen back into old habits’ regarding the tweet, however the actor has now cleared up any of the confusion by responding to fans on social media.

The next day, Perry posted another tweet saying: “Easy guys, it was just one session. I’m back in therapy where I belong:)”

This eased many fans minds, who continued to share their comments of love and support for the actor.

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