Man Says Syringes Up His Bum Don’t Belong To Him

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One man is sure to be red-faced and a little sore in the morning after a bizarre police incident that involved him trying to smuggle syringes up his bum.

With airport security tighter than ever, the 21st Century is hopefully a time that we feel a little safer getting on a plane. Still, everyone’s seen shows like Border Force and stared open-mouthed at what/how people try to smuggle items on airplanes. Although this man wasn’t trying to escape to a different country, he’s still been hiding things up his backside.


We’ve all heard the stories about slipping on a wet floor and accidentally falling on a sex toy, or what about the man who tripped when peeling carrots and ended up with one dramatically inserted into his rectum? These stories are all enough to raise a few eyebrows, but does it really compare to one man’s claims that syringes found smuggled in his back passage don’t belong to him?

According to news station WFLA, the 40-year-old was questioned over a stash of syringes hiding in his backside. Wesley Dasher Scott was busted on a marijuana charge but then proceeded to pull three syringes from inside himself during a strip search.

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Pinellas County Jail

Having told officers he had nothing on him — and knowing the penalty if anything was found — Scott agreed to the strip search. Before the gloves went anywhere south of the border, Scott did his own version of pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

Claiming to have no knowledge of how the syringes got there, Scott handed them to officers and was promptly jailed. Safe to say, the Police weren’t convinced, meaning Scott faces an additional charge for felony possession of contraband in a county detention facility.

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There’s that moment of panic when the check-in desk asks if you packed your suitcase yourself and you have to remember if you did, but when it comes to packing your bum, we’re pretty sure you’d remember someone else doing it.

Thankfully, Scott seemed to be pretty sedate with his choice of rectum contraband compared to others. Only recently, we published an article about strange things the US authorities have found inside people’s genitals — ouch!

[Featured Image: Pexels/WFLA]

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