Man Horrified To Find ‘Mysterious Goo’ Is Dead Body Dripping Down Walls

The Shining comes to life…


While an Englishman’s home is his castle and being house proud is a noble trait to have, just imagine the horror of coming home from a long day at work to find a dead body dripping down your wall. Sounding like some made-up horror story pulled from the depths of Reddit, a pair of flatmates in Minnesota were horrified by this exact situation.

AJ McCrady and Evin Schultz noticed a “horrible smell” coming from their flat and were concerned when dark streaks of a foul-smelling substance started trickling down their wall. What could it be, a leaky pipe, something rotten in the wall? Well, it was much, much, worse.

Credit: Twitter/@daddyallenjoel
Twitter @daddyallenjoel

AJ had kept his followers up to date on Twitter and shared a video of himself being disgusted by the liquid streaking down his walls — thinking it was a simple maintenance issue. However, things took a dark turn when a dead body was discovered in the flat above.

It turned out the tenant had died of natural causes but had been slowly decomposing above for over a week. Documenting the harrowing turn of events, AJ wrote: “My apartment has smelt horrible recently and I just found out the guy living above me has been dead for over a week.

“And before you ask, his body was just discovered after his blood leaked down the ceiling into our apartment this morning.”

He later told followers: “All I really know of the situation is the man upstairs died in his sleep. His body decomposed and somehow managed to seep into our apartment.

“We’ve head leaking in our bathroom so when we saw this we called maintenance immediately. Maintenance stopped by and had no idea what the hell it could be.”

Both AJ's flat and the flat where his neighbour died have been sealed off. Credit: Twitter/daddyallenjoel
Twitter @daddyallenjoel

The story continued, “He wiped off a little on the wall to examine it and still really couldn’t determine anything. He went upstairs into the apartment above to see if they had the same problem and that’s when the body got discovered.”

Evin also shared his own account of what happened and compared it to a mix between Paranormal Activity and The Shining.

Police spokesperson John Elder confirmed a body had been found and that the death wasn’t being treated as suspicious. Forget Netflix true crime documentaries, we should all just move to Minneapolis.

[Featured Image: Twitter @daddyallenjoel]

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