Man Begs For Advice After Revealing He’s Sleeping With His Sister

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A man has begged an agony aunt for advice after revealing that he is currently in a relationship with his own sister.

Writing to Deidre, who is the advice-giver at The Sun, he explained that he is 20 and his sister is nearly 18. They don’t have the same dad, however their mother is the same.

He added that his mother had several different boyfriends while he and his sister were growing up, and he moved out quickly.

He explained: “I left home just as soon as I could, although I felt really guilty for leaving my sister alone with mum, who didn’t have a boyfriend at that time. My sister came around to where I am living a few months ago and asked me if she could stay.

“She said it was awful at home. Mum’s new bloke is half her age — mum is 38 and he’s 21 — and my sister said it made her feel sick to be around them, plus he kept eyeing her up. I had to say yes.

“One night we’d both had a few drinks. She started crying and saying she hated her life.

“I gave her a cuddle to make her feel better. Then we kissed and had sex like it was the most natural thing in the world. We’ve been carrying on together now for six months.

“She wants us to leave town, set up home somewhere new and have kids together but I know we can’t. One of my friends found a sexy picture of her on my phone, wearing barely any clothes.

“You couldn’t really see her face so I denied it was her but I know we are playing with fire.”

Deidre’s advice was that the relationship is against the law and that they should stop. You can read her full reply here.

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