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Malibu Introduces Sparkling Strawberry Flavoured Rum, And It Looks Delicious

It’s packed with flavours of strawberry and a hint of coconut. Wow.


Summer is officially here, and alongside it comes a plethora of tasty new drinks for us to try in beer gardens or at BBQs while we’re chilling with our friends and loved ones.

But the latest has got my tastebuds tingling more than ever (as a huge Malibu fan), because Malibu has just announced their new sparkling strawberry flavoured rum spritz. Oh my WORD.

The tasty tipple will set you back just £9.50 when it goes on shelves in Tesco on May 22nd. It is an alcoholic drink that comes with a hint of coconut and strawberry, and honestly it sounds incredible. I know what I’m doing on the 22nd.

Someone fetch me a straw, I’m drinking straight out of the bottle.

[Featured Image Credit: Malibu]

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