Major Ted Bundy Film Scene ‘Didn’t Happen Like That In Real Life’

Well, it happened… but just a little bit differently than it did on screen.


Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil And Vile landed on NowTV (for UK viewers) and Netflix US less than a week ago, and as someone who watched it the first day it dropped can I just say wow, what a fantastic portrayal by Zac Efron.

For the whole time he was on-screen I genuinely believed him as Ted Bundy, and completely forgot that he once played for the Wildcats as Troy Bolton. Now that, is acting. But despite that, and the jaw-dropping scenes of a true crime story that unfolded on the screen, one part left me feeling a little bit confused.

Did Ted really confess what had happened to the poor woman’s head by breathing on the window and writing it to his ex-girlfriend before he died? Surely I don’t remember this bit coming about on the previous Netflix release, Confessional Tapes Of Ted Bundy.

So I did a bit of digging around, because I was SURE that the only way that Ted confessed initially was when he was ‘speaking in third person’ about hypothetically what a serial killer WOULD have done, and it turns out that the scene we all were shocked with at the end was actually a bit of an exaggeration.

According to the show’s director, Ted’s confession DID happen to his ex-girlfriend, Liz Kendall about what happened to one of the victims – but it actually happened during a phone call instead of face to face. Director, Joe Berlinger told Digital Spy: “You know, I just felt that, particularly with the #MeToo era of accountability that we live in, you know, which I wholeheartedly support in the most fundamental way, I felt it was very important for this character to really hold him accountable; to make him, eye to eye, admit to her what he’s done.”

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