Love Is Blind Producer Reveals ‘Pods Are Ready To Go For New Contestants’

Do you know anyone who’s ready to get married?


The first ever season of Love Is Blind might have just concluded on Netflix yesterday, but the show runner Chris Coelen has already teased a follow up.

Coelen spoke to Entertainment Tonight about his hopes for season two and revealed a key detail that makes it very likely we’ll hear some more information soon.

“The pods still exist,” Coelen teased about the futuristic rooms that were built on a custom-designed set in Atlanta, Georgia. “They’re ready to go! For many versions to come and hopefully people around the world spending time in the pods.”

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The pods he refers to are where the contestants first ‘met’ each other online; falling in love and getting engaged before meeting in person – and hoped to get married just 38 days later.

At the end of season one, only two couples had managed to stay together and get married; Amber and Barnett and Lauren and Cameron both had their nuptials screened on the show.

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