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Lotus Biscoff Now Does A Chocolate Covered Biscuit And It’s Perfect For Dunking

Perfect for dunking…


If you love Lotus Biscoff then have we got some great news for you. The iconic brand now does a chocolate-covered version – and they’re extremely cheap.

If you’re in the UK, they’re currently being sold in Poundland, ASDA, and Sainsbury’s.

The treats come in threes, and each pack contains seven of them. So that’s 21 Biscoff beauties for just £1. Nice.

Biscoff Biscuits

The world of Lotus Biscoff is an extremely exciting place to be right now, even more so with the introduction of its Speculoos Rolls, which sound incredible.

Taking inspiration from the iconic Biscoff flavour, the creation is basically the brand’s brown sugar and spice flavoured cookies rolled into balls and coated in chocolate.

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