Lord Of The Rings Trivial Pursuit Is Here In Time For Christmas

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If you’re a fan of Lord Of The Rings, then you need to look no further for the ultimate family present for the festive season – as you can now get a Trivial Pursuit DEDICATED to the popular book and film franchise.

You can officially buy the game for just £10.49 ($13.45), it features your favourite characters, scenes and trivia from the films.

'Lord of the Rings' trivial pursuit is exciting fans this Christmas. Credit: Amazon

The quiz has over 600 questions for fans of the show, and judging by the reviews it’s already being praised for giving mountains of fun to others.

One user said: “Fun family entertainment for a good price and quicker than expected delivery.”

While another added: “Bought this as a gift. Best friend and I love LotR, so these were very well received. The questions are based on the films (not the books). Some intense knowledge is required, which is not a problem if you’ve seen the films countless times.”

Do we really need another Lord of the Rings film? Probably not. Do we want it anyway? You’re damn right we do.

Alright, that’s pretty unlikely, but Orlando Bloom reuniting with his old mythical pals has got us feeling all warm and fuzzy just the same.

It’s been a staggering 20 years since Bloom first strapped on his bow for the role of Legolas but that’s not to say he isn’t still close with the LOTR cast.

Orlando reunited with Sir Ian McKellen and Adam Brown, who played Ori in The Hobbit film series, for what was almost definitely a heavy night out.

The actor shared a photo of the three on his Instagram along with the caption “a dwarf, a wizard and an elf walk into a bar….#lotr”.

The comment section on the photo was predictably just a pile of LOTR fans weeping with happiness at the snap.

Orlando Bloom Instagram
Orlando Bloom Instagram

Seems Legolas has been doing a lot of catching up, earlier this month the 41-year-old shared a picture with Liv Tyler, who played Arwen Undómiel in the film series, after she turned up backstage to support him in his recent show.

just a pair of elves 🧝‍♀️🧝🏻‍♂️n a pup

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Oh my heart, it cannot take it.

Bloom is currently appearing in Killer Joe in London’s West End.

“It takes us to Texas and introduces us to Joe Cooper (Bloom), a hitman hired by Chris Smith and Ansel Smith to take out Ansel’s ex-wife Adele in order to claim the insurance money. What begins as a potential simple job soon turns upside down when the Smiths discover that the recipient of the insurance money is not who they original thought, making payment impossible and forcing Joe to take matters into his own hands.”

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