Logan Paul Responds To Rumours He Could Join The UFC


We all have our own opinions on the whole Logan Paul and KSI fight that took place last week, probably not all of them positive.

One thing that no one can doubt is the commercial success of the whole event, whilst the promotion remained largely cringeworthy it did reportedly bag both fighters an estimated £8 million each.

For that very reason retired UFC heavyweight fighter, Brendan Schaub suggested that both YouTubers can do a better job at promoting a fight than the UFC themselves.

Speaking in his Below the Belt podcast, Schaub went on to add that the UFC would be “bats*t crazy” if they weren’t thinking about potentially trying to sign Logan Paul up to fight.

Seems the idea doesn’t seem that out of the question for the YouTube star either, especially considering his wrestling background.

The fight between Paul and KSI finished in a draw, prompting both fighters to call for a rematch, with rumours that a second event could take place in February.

A second fight was predicted to take place in the US, though KSI has said this wouldn’t be possible unless it took place in New York, so his UK fans could watch, he also wants any potential rematch pushed back later than February.

“I think that’d be perfect, for me and everyone else, that’d be perfect. I get to enjoy the rest of th year, not to worry too much about training.”

“I think New York would make the mos sense,” he said. “I wouldn’t want it to be in Vegas or LA, because it’s long having to stay up that late to watch the fight.”

“New York would make more sense because more people in the UK could watch it and more people in America could watch it.”

Brad Lengden
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