Logan Paul Lashes Out At KSI For ‘Breaking His Contract’

Messenger Logan Paul is throwing down the gauntlet and claims that KSI is breaking his contract by …read more

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Logan Paul is throwing down the gauntlet and claims that KSI is breaking his contract by not agreeing to a rematch fight next month.

The two YouTube heavyweights went head-to-head in August during an all-out slugfest at the Manchester Arena. It was a brutal six-round match, but with the ref declaring a draw, the two have been destined to lace up their gloves ever since.


KSI is throwing blame Logan’s way in a new YouTube video and claims that he was supposed to arrange the rematch in America. In response to KSI’s diss, Logan Paul is taking no prisoners and is trying to K.O. KSI with his own argument.

The 23-year-old reportedly told TMZ that KSI is stalling. “He already broke the contract. It was supposed to happen in February. He already broke that sh*t,” said Paul.

Logan Paul KSI Press Conference
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“He needs time to prepare. I’m okay,” he continued. “I tried to do it in December but he wouldn’t do it.”

In contrast, KSI says that Paul wants the match to take place in an East Coast location, which wouldn’t make sense for British fans to tune in thanks to different time zones. With KSI demanding a West Coast rematch, at least UK viewers can watch without having to stay up until 3am.

Either way, the viral stars can agree on one thing. For the next fight, they plan on tightening their online security and cut down on internet pirates this time around. Their first match was a lucrative business model that charged $10 just to watch and attracted millions of YouTube viewers. Still, some crafty pirates managed to slip through the net and stream it for free.

KSI Logan Paul rematch

In KSI’s video, he says that both competitors want to clamp down on the million viewers who watched their brawl illegally on Twitch. Some fans have vented their frustration at the match ending in a tie, suggesting that some WWE fakery was behind the result. Still, there’s no escaping the fact that it was pretty entertaining to watch.

Sadly, it all sounds like that February rematch date is slipping from our grasp. Whether KSI or Logan Paul is stalling, or it’s just a big publicity stunt, fans can rest assured that they’ll be back in the ring before too long.

[Featured Image: Logan Paul/KSI]

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