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Lidl’s Giant Churro Packs Are Officially Back In Stock

Forget the siesta, it’s time for a fiesta


‘Donut’ mess with us, Lidl’s giant churros are finally back in stores and giving us a sweet treat to write home about. Yes, they look a bit like McCain oven fries, but believe me, Lidl’s giant churros are much better than crinkle chips.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the churro is similar to a donut. Usually made with choux, the fried-dough pastry is a favourite of Spain, Portugal, and local fairs around the United Kingdom. A ride on the waltzers just isn’t complete without munching on a churro.

Hoping to cash in on the UK’s recent run of good weather, the bargain high street supermarket is embracing Spanish Week with its very own trip to the Costa Del Sol — sangria not included.

Costing just £1.19 for a 500g bag, the pre-cooked churros are ready in just 15 minutes. Simply stick them in the microwave and enjoy the taste sensation before you know it.

Lidl's Giant Packs Of Churros Are Back In Store This Week For Just £1.19

These sugar-coated lovelies sadly don’t come with chocolate dipping sauce, but you can dunk them in whatever you want. Personally, I’m planning on slathering them with Biscoff spread.

Lidl originally launched the churros back in 2018, where they reportedly flew off shelves and shifted a bag every six seconds. Given their popularity, it’s no surprise the chain is bringing them back in style. Lidl’s entire Sol Mar range conjures the image of whiling away the evening in a Spanish taverna — from the comfort of your back garden or paddling pool.

Their cheeseboard is £1.99. Credit: Lidl

You can throw your very own Spanish fiesta with the rest of Lidl’s offerings. Alongside the churros, there are squid rings (£1.99), some piping-hot Patatas Bravas (99p), Salsa Brava (£1.20), Spanish meat and cheese boards for just £1.99 each, and a 1.1kg air-dried ham (with chopping board and knife) for £14.99. All of this sounds like it would be perfectly washed down with some of Lidl’s impressive wine range too.

Sadly, there’s a Spanish scandal when it comes to the churros. Lidl has put the price of its churros up by 20p from the original price of 99p. I’m sure Brexit is probably to blame somehow.

The churros and the entire Spanish Week range is available from August 8, but only while stocks last. All that’s left to say is “olé” and pass the castanets.

[Featued Image: Lidl/Pixabay]

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