LEGO Has Just Announced A Harry Potter Advent Calendar

They know it’s May, right?


LEGO has just announced a new Harry Potter advent calendar for 2019, and it looks like possibly the best thing anyone has ever invented, ever.


They announced the news in a Facebook post earlier today (May 13), and people can’t seem to get enough already. Even though it is currently May.

One person said: “Great to get for December but I feel it should have Ron in this set to go with Harry, have xmas Ron with his R jumper and Harry with his H jumper”, while another added: “Holy forking shirtballs if I dont have one of these I will cancel xmas!!! Xxxxx”.

LEGO is sorting the Gryffindors from the Slytherins with its brand new Harry Potter line for 2019. Up there with the likes of Star Wars LEGO, muggles and wizards alike just can’t enough of those tiny plastic bricks.

While we recently celebrated 20 years of Star Wars LEGO, the wizarding world is slowly playing catch-up. After taking a brief break from being part of J.K. Rowling’s world, LEGO is back with more magical memories.

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