Lego Bars (Serving Alcohol) Are Coming To The UK For Big Kids To Enjoy

Messenger We’re already bricking it with excitement thanks to the news that a Lego-theme bar is coming …read more

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We’re already bricking it with excitement thanks to the news that a Lego-theme bar is coming to the UK. Adults can slosh back cocktails until their heart’s content as they embrace their inner child.

You can spend hours getting merry while clicking together those colourful Danish bricks. Coming to London and Manchester in May, The Brick Bar is sure to brighten up everyone’s day.


After the runaway success of a pop events in the likes of Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne, The Brick Bar is trying to ‘click’ with a UK audience. Although it’s not officially affiliated with Lego and had to change from its original name of The Lego Bar, The Brick Bar boasts that it will still be a perfect plastic party.

Serving beer, wine, and cocktails, The Brick Bar is an adults-only experience unless accompanied (sorry kids, but hooray for big kids). Perhaps the ultimate proof that ‘everything is awesome’, The Brick Bar will be made of over a million Lego bricks.

The official Brick Bars website reads:

“How long has it been since you pulled out your old building blocks, rounded up your friends and sat around creating and crafting castles, ships and whatever else you can imagine?”

“If you’ve been waiting for an excuse, or your parents have given away your once beloved blocks this new pop up Adult playground might be just what you’re looking for.”

There will be a DJ, prizes for the best builders among you, and the obligatory ping pong table. Attendees can also expect to leave with full stomachs and are sure to snap an Instagram-friendly shot of the famous Brick Burger!

Be warned though, The Brick Bar will only be in Manchester for two nights on May 24 and 25. You can pick up tickets here for £25pp and that gives you 90 minutes of brick-building fun. London Lego fans can head to their Brick Bar on April 25 and 29 for £28.96-£35.26 with tickets available here.

We just wish there was a permanent version out there, but to be honest, a bar built from Lego bricks sounds like a hipster’s paradise. In the meantime we’ll have to settle for pop up versions. If that’s everything, all there’s left to say is ready, steady, build.

[Featured Image: The Brick Bar/Warner Bros.]

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