Legacies Is Bringing Back A Fan-Favourite Vampire Diaries Character



Vampire Diaries fans will be pleased to know that a popular fan-favourite character will be returning to appear in the spin-off series, Legacies.

It has been confirmed that Chris Wood, who is known for playing villain Kai Parker in the CW show will be making his appearance on the second series of the show.

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The CW

The Vampire Diaries spin-off returned last month, and the season 2 premiere major detail about villain Kai when Josie Saltzman (played by Kaylee Bryant) learned about the prison world which holds him currently

At the time, show boss Julie Plec stated that it ‘wasn’t the last everyone had seen of Kai’, and now Entertainment Weekly has confirmed he WILL be returning to Mystic Falls later this season.

His appearance on the show won’t look out of place either, as not only is he Josie and Lizzie’s (played by Jenny Boyd) uncle, but he’s also a member of the Gemini coven. Josie and Lizzie are currently the coven’s last surviving members.

With the absence of TVD and Originals on the CW, many people have been giving the spin-off show ALL the rave reviews, and it’s easy to see why.

For those of you who haven’t already seen it on the CW network yet, I’ll give you a bit of information.

Steven R McQueen as Jeremy Gilbert in The Vampire Diaries
The CW

It’s set in Mystic Falls’ new Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted, and includes fan-favourite from the original series, Jeremy Gilbert.

Legacies is based around Hope Mikaelsonas – a 17-year-old new student at the school that’s owned and run by Alaric Saltzman(who is also being played by the same actor from The Vampire Diaries). The school is there to help teach students how to handle and utilise their gifts. It’s basically a new institute for overachievers of the underworld. .

Legacies - Hope
The CW

An official first look trailer was released to all of those who were lucky enough to attend this year’s San Diego Comic Con, with the first glimpse at the leading lady in her role.

“This is a story of magic, of secrets and betrayals, first loves and first heartbreaks,” Hope can be heard explaining in the trailer.

“It’s a story of friendship and family, of battling our own demons so we can face the monsters around us. This is a story, our story, of trying to be normal in a world that is anything but. The only question is, will we be its heroes or its villains?

[Featured Image Credit: The CW]

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