Kylie Jenner Lashes Out At YouTuber Over Travis Scott Cheating Prank

Messenger Over the last week, the world was taken aback after news that rapper Travis Scott ‘cheated’ …read more


Over the last week, the world was taken aback after news that rapper Travis Scott ‘cheated’ on his girlfriend Kylie Jenner, and that the pictures were circulating the internet.

Despite MULTIPLE responses from the rapper himself declaring that he had never cheated on Kylie, the internet still continued to speculate on whether or not the photo was real – because after all, he’s famous and dating a Jenner so by default they thought it must have been right. Also, the pictures had a giant TMZ logo slapped over the top, and showed a guy who had the same hairstyle as Scott leaning in rather closely to a mystery woman – so it set a lot of tongues wagging.

However, last night a YouTuber by the name of ChristianAdamG posted a video to his channel with the name: We Fooled The Internet W/Fake Travis Scott Cheating Photo, and it soon quickly garnered lots of attention after Kim posted a rather annoyed tweet in which she called out the YouTuber for trying to ‘mess with a family’.

After Kim and Khloe decided to weigh in on the ‘disgusting’ prank, Kylie herself addressed the news that her boyfriend had been pranked by posting an Instagram story, where she wrote: “Idk if this is really a social experiment to some people but you’re messing with real people, real relationships, real family. I’m happy my relationship is strong because this is getting out of hand. The internet scares me sometimes for real.”


It just goes to show how the internet really will believe anything, and the power of putting something on social media, because if it goes viral then there’s just no knowing how big it will blow up in the media.

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