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Krispy Kreme Has ‘Rolled Out’ Nutella-Stuffed Donuts

‘Donut’ come for me!

Nutella Donut

‘Donut’ adjust your screens, Krispy Kreme is officially selling a new batch of Nutella-stuffed donuts in the UK. Krispy Kreme has already set the tone for how good donuts should be made, but now, the company is trying to wipe all other donut competition from the face of the planet.

It isn’t just American cops and Homer Simpson that can’t get enough of donuts. You can stick your abomination hybrids like duffins (donut/muffin) and cronuts (croissant/donut), the classic ring donut is where it’s at. However, when you’re bored of the same old donut, Krispy Kreme is mixing things up a bit.

The OG glazed donut has come flying into the 21st Century with the fantastic flavour combination. The latest addition sees the classic Krispy Kreme ring donut given a bit of a revamp.

Pick one up and it’ll be oozing with a secret surprise of chocolate spread. The donut deity is continuing its partnership with Nutella by filling a standard donut with a river of that chocolate hazelnut spread.

We all know the annoying feeling of biting into a filled donut, only to find you’ve missed out on that gooey centre. Thankfully, Krispy Kreme has found a way around this by pumping the good stuff around the edge. It means you’ll get a gobful of that tantalising taste sensation with every bite.

Donut devourers might’ve already tried out Krispy Kreme’s Nutty Chocolatta donut, but this gives it a twist. The Original FIlled Nutty Chocolatta sounds like a bit of a mouthful, but who cares?

Krispy Kreme Nutella
Krispy Kreme UK

If being a chocoholic isn’t really your bag, Krispy Kreme has also launched a salted caramel version — hooray. For once, the UK seems to be ahead of its American counterparts, meaning you can only get the Original FIlled Nutty Chocolatta and the Original Filled Salted Caramel over here for now.

The fun doesn’t end there, Krispy Kreme is also rolling out a green version of the original glazed to celebrate St. Patrick’s day. With the Nutella-filled favourite only around for a limited time, I’d suggest you buy a box (or 12) and stick them in the freezer for a later date. Tuck in!

[Featured Image: Fox/Krispy Kreme Instagram]

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