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Kopparberg Announces New Rose Cider And It Sounds Delicious

What do you ‘pink’?


Cider brand Kopparberg is making the most of what’s left of our summer sun by bringing rosé cider to a supermarket near you. Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure it tastes better than a bottle of cheap rosé you might pick up in Bargain Booze.

The Swedish brand screams summers, and come on, who hasn’t gulped away many a summer’s eve with a cool bottle of Kopparberg in one hand and a burned BBQ sausage in the other?

The 4% apple cider was launched this week and is available in the likes of ASDA and Tesco. The latest flavour apparently gets its pink colouring from the skins of red apples. 500ml bottles are selling for £2.20 in ASDA, or you grab four for £6 in a supermarket special (just £1.50 a bottle). Tesco is also selling bottles for £2.20 and has a three for £5 deal.

Kopparberg said the cider is coloured with red apple skins

Rob Salvesen, Kopparberg’s head of marketing, said: “Rosé cider has proven extremely popular in America, growing to be almost twice the size of the fruit cider category, which is why we are extremely excited to be launching our own to the UK market. Our focus on crisp, refreshing flavour, combined with our positioning as marketing leaders in fruit refreshment is what we feel will set us apart from other pink ciders on the market this summer.” 

Pink drinks are still everywhere — and just like the craze of unicorn drinks — show no sign of going anywhere. Earlier this year, Kpparberg released its own pink gin.

Hoping to improve the already British-favourite beer garden experience, Kopparberg cashed in on the legacy of its Strawberry and Lime and Mixed Fruit ciders by turning them into a pink gin. Gin aficionados around the globe couldn’t contain their excitement.

As a nod to the drinks that put them on the map, the pink gins were a big hit. Announcing the news on Twitter, the company wrote: “We aren’t done giving you the best summer ever. A whole new flavour of the #SpiritofKopparberg, Mixed Fruit Premium Gin is coming soon. Exclusively available in selected ASDA stores.”

Both gins are available from ASDA for £20 per 70cl. Kopparberg’s offerings also pack a punch with a 37.5% ABV. Now that your drink’s cabinet is fully stocked, it’s time to start supping. Responsibly…obviously!

[Featured Image: Kopparberg]

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