Kojima Making ‘Scariest’ Horror Game After Death Stranding

The ‘silent’ hills are alive with the sound of music

Silent Hill

Hideo Kojima has revealed that he plans to make a horror game following Death Stranding.

Obviously, when it comes to this particular developer, it’s not just any horror game. Kojima revealed that he wants it to be the ‘scariest’. Which, following P.T., is probably within his grasp.

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He Tweeted: “As to make the scariest horror game, I’ll watch the scary movies in order to awaken my horror soul. THE EYE is the Thai horror movie I rent when making PT but was too scary to finish watching. The package is scary so I rented the disc only. Will I be able to finish watching?”

Fans quickly began replying to his Tweet, with one saying: “I’m so excited to see literally whatever content your studio puts out next lol. I don’t care what platform, or genre it is- just get it done so I can have my mind blown again lmao”,

Another added: “This’ll probably be one of the best horror games since the Silent Hill series if it gets made.”

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