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Kinder Has Just Brought Out A New Bueno Ice Cream Bar



Recently, everyone collectively lost their minds when they found out that a whole range of Kinder ice-cream had been introduced in the UK. However, one thing seemed to be missing… a Kinder Bueno ice-cream bar.

Now, it looks like our prayers have been answered as the actual Bueno is in ice-cream form.

Sadly, it looks like they’re just in France at the moment, but if you’re UK-based then you’re in luck. Some beady-eyed shopper spotted not just the Bueno ice cream, but also some other exciting Kinder lollies in their local Asda selling for just £4 a box and if you’re not running straight to the supermarket as you read this then are you okay, hun?

Or if you want to save 50p, you can also get them from online food retailer, Ocado for just £3.50. Bloody bargain I tell you.

Oh yes, there’s a Kinder ice cream SANDWICH and also a Kinder choc ice lolly. I actually can’t contain my excitement, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life (or since I first heard they were even a thing.)

Meet you in the ice cream aisle.

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