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Kinder Bueno Ice Creams Are Finally Available In The UK



While winter is well and truly upon us, the occasional days where the sun likes to poke its little head out is almost taunting us with the prospect of summer, and if you’re anything like me then you’re MORE than excited for its return.

Beer gardens, dresses, sun-tanning, catching up with friends and generally just feeling all-around better about life is the theme of summer, and it looks like the fact that Kinder has officially released their Bueno ice cream in the UK means one thing only -SUMMER IS GETING CLOSER AND CLOSER TO BEING A REALITY.

Like yeah, I know we still have to go through spring and everything but just let me be excited for the hotter months, ok?

So back to the exciting news that I know you clicked on this article for. If you’re a fan of the Kinder Bueno and got your heart broken last summer hearing that an ice cream DID exist, but was out of reach, then you’re going to be very happy to hear it’s currently in your local ASDA. Unless you’re from America, in which case I’m sorry but you also have enough good sugary treats over there so I’m actually not feeling too guilty for you right now.

Some beady-eyed shopper spotted not just the Bueno ice cream, but also some other exciting Kinder lollies in their local Asda selling for just £4 a box and if you’re not running straight to the supermarket as you read this then are you okay, hun?

Or if you want to save 50p, you can also get them from online food retailer, Ocado for just £3.50. Bloody bargain I tell you.

Oh yes, there’s a Kinder ice cream SANDWICH and also a Kinder choc ice lolly. I actually can’t contain my excitement, I feel like I’ve been waiting for this day my whole life (or since I first heard they were even a thing.)

Meet you in the ice cream aisle.

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