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KFC Launches 80-Piece Popcorn Chicken Bucket For £5.99



Hey now, hey now – this is what dreams are made of. That’s right, KFC has officially launched a new menu item that popcorn chicken lovers have been waiting their whole lives for – an 80-piece bucket.

Better yet, the bucket is just £5.99 – which considering how many pieces you get for just a large popcorn chicken box is an ABSOLUTE STEAL.

Only downside is that the bucket will only be available until March 22nd and will only be able to be bought from select KFC stores around the UK. Still though, that’s probably for the best, because too much of a good thing can make it bad, and no-one wants to be put off popcorn chicken for life.


Fast food might not always be the healthiest option for you, but my god it is delicious. However, would I want my home to permanently smell like a fast-food restaurant? Probably not.

Following on from the success of KFC and their candle, if you’re into the idea of your house smelling like a burger then you’ll be pleased to know that you can now buy a range of candles that smell like components of a McDonald’s Quarter Pounder.

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