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KFC Is Selling Fried Chicken Skin On Its Own – But It Isn’t Hitting The UK Yet

This sounds amazing!


Some people have always said the crunch of the chicken skin is the best part of a fried KFC meal, so the fast-food chain has listened to them and offered a quick fix to cure their hunger pangs – as Indonesian customers can now order just the skin, without any poultry attached.

The new delicacy comes in a bag, similar to fries or cheese strips.

It’ll be available at stores in MT Haryono, Salemba, Cideng, Kemang, Kalimalang and Kelapa Gading, but sadly KFC are remaining tight lipped on whether it will ever make its way overseas.

The new product arrived to mixed reviews, with some customers praising it for its new taste, but others bemoaning the difference from the skin you’d find on a regular piece of fried chicken.

Some social media users have said they’ve seen the item on menus in Thailand, too.

Some people were worried about their diets…

It’s official name is Original Recipe Cracklings, but it’s sure to be pretty different from a traditional pork crackling.

The chicken giants recently made the headlines after leaked information stated that they’d been considering creating a vegan friendly plant based option, following in the lead of other fast food restaurants including Subway and Greggs, who’s

Kevin Hochman, who is the head of KFC’s US division said that the company was in the “exploration phase” of looking at plant-based options “right now,” but revealed no solid plans towards an offering.

Whilst its looking unlikely that it’ll make its way over to the UK at the minute, the double down made its way overseas after a huge wait. The Double Down, which was two pieces of original recipe chicken holding a bacon strip between them, instead of the traditional buns.

It launched in America in 2010 before eventually finding its way to the United Kingdom in 2017.

So with enough people making noise, the Original Recipe Cracklings could well make their way to the west sooner than it looks.

Credit: KFC

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