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KFC Is Now Selling A Double Chicken Zinger With Gravy And Garlic Mayo



There’s so many options for food these days, it’s hard to decide what to go for. Should you stick to your regular order, like when you go out for a Subway, or should you be more adventurous?

Well, if this new menu item from KFC doesn’t convince you to try something new – I don’t know what will.

Basically, it’s a Zinger burger, a mini fillet burger, gravy, garlic mayo, hash brown, cheese, and lettuce.


‘The Hacker’ was released on July 6 to celebrate national fried chicken day. However, if you didn’t manage to get your hands on one on that day – don’t worry. You can actually order it at any time by personalising a burger. Although you will have to build it yourself.

A KFC spokesperson told The Sun: “We just had to go big for national fried chicken day. And what better way to celebrate than with a burger in honour of the real chicken aficionados?

“Our fans always tell us about their favourite KFC items, so it was only fitting to put them all together for the ultimate national fried chicken day treat.”

The newspaper revealed the steps to make your own, and it’s so easy!

  • Order a Zinger Tower burger (without the mayo and salsa), a mini fillet burger (without the mayo), a regular pot of gravy, and garlic mayo sauce.
  • Remove the top bap of the Zinger Tower burger and take everything out (including the hash brown and cheese otherwise it will melt onto the Zinger fillet).
  • Take the bottom bap from the Zinger Tower burger and that’s your base to start building The Hacker.
  • On the bottom bap, smooth a layer of garlic mayo, and pop some lettuce onto it.
  • Then add your Zinger fillet, and more garlic mayo, with the hash brown a cheese on top.
  • Place your mini original recipe fillet and a layer of gravy onto that
  • Finally, add the last of your lettuce from the mini fillet burger.
  • Put the top bap on and voila! It’s done.

If this all sounds like a bit too much effort, don’t worry. KFC has said that if The Hacker proves popular enough, they might make it a permanent menu item by this time next year. Which would save a lot of faffing about, as someone else will be making it for you.

Plus, the price of making it yourself can be up to £7.67 in London. So if it becomes a permanent menu item, it should be a lot cheaper.

Featured image credit: KFC

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