Kendall Jenner Branded ‘Disgusting’ Following Announcement

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There’s more drama for the world’s most famous family as Kendall Jenner is branded “disgusting” by fans following a blundering PR move that sees her become the new face of a skincare brand.

‘Momager’ Kris had promised a raw and heartbreaking story from the 23-year-old megastar and soon got the media talking. A shroud of mystery surrounded what Jenner was ready to spill, with many guessing she might be coming out as gay.

Instead, we were gifted a cheap plug for acne cream. As well as cashing in on the idea of a troubled childhood confessional, Jenner has been slammed for using her time in the spotlight to enhance her own bank balance.

The ‘vulnerable’ Jenner turns out to be the new face of Proactiv in a one-minute advert. — cue dollar signs.



A gushing tale of tears and tragedy recalls how Jenner struggled not having the perfect skin she craved. She highlighted the negative comments she received after 2018’s Golden Globes, and while the trolls weren’t particularly nice to her, I’m pretty sure her money-stuffed pillow would’ve helped her get a better night’s sleep.

Either way, it wasn’t quite the “raw and personal” announcement everyone was expecting. Safe to say, the Twitterverse didn’t hold back.





Jenner’s advert tried to ride the deluge of negativity that was surely heading its way by saying that the celeb felt “empowered” by meeting others who’ve suffered with acne. Her partnership with Proactiv is apparently a “huge deal” because it helped her get through those troubling times.

Let’s be honest, most of us have suffered from bad skin at some point, and while we’re not constantly snapped by the paps, we don’t feel the need to make a multi-million dollar branding deal to get through it.

If you’re looking for the real person to blame though, let’s remember it was Kris who hyped Kendall’s news. Maybe we should sharpen our pitchforks and aim them her way?

[Feauted Image: Kendall Jenner Instagram/E!]


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