Katie Price Blasted By Fans For ‘Using Daughter To Promote Product’

Messenger Just last month, Katie was criticised by fans after sharing another photo of her daughter …read more


Just last month, Katie was criticised by fans after sharing another photo of her daughter on Instagram.

The photo shows Bunny riding a pony, however many critics have said that her helmet is on far too ‘loose’.

Katie captioned the picture: “My little bundle of joy Bunny riding this morning”.

One fan wrote: “She needs that helmet tightening and a body protector on, you really dont help yourself do you? 😂😂😂”.

However, some of Katie’s two million followers on Instagram jumped to her defence: “Does no one who is commenting think Katie took the pic and then tightened the helmet? My son went horse riding and never had a body protector on as he only walked with a supervisor with the RDA.”

Another added: “I dont know why people bother to follow you when they only criticise. They are scrutinising every picture waiting to pounce. Gorgeous pic and you are a fabulously, loving mum with a lot of willpower and love”.

It turns out that Katie Price might not be as social media savvy as she makes out. It looks like she recently made a pretty massive photo blunder.

‘Pricey’ has come a long way from her days splashed cross lads mags or cameoing in Footballer’s Wives. Ditching her Jordan persona, Price has appeared in the likes of I’m a Celebrity, Celebrtiy Big Brother, and starred in several docuseries about her colourful life.

The mum of five looks pretty different these days and has been accused of photoshopping a post-surgery pic. Posing by her red BMW in some activewear, the 41-year-old assured her 2 million followers that she was “getting there” after surgery.

However, it didn’t take eagle-eyed fans long to spot a potential Photoshop scam to make her waistline look even smaller than it already does. One wrote, “Not being funny but after all the work you’ve had done, I wouldn’t still expect you to be editing your pictures.” Another fumed, “How about giving photoshop some credit? @officialkatieprice – if you’re going to manipulate your photo’s, at least do it properly!!”

Looking at the grill of the car, it definitely looks like some photographic trickery. Oh Katie, come on, it’s Social Media 101. Don’t to screw with your pictures (unless you can do it properly).

Only recently, Price grabbed headlines and was branded “Frankenstein” when she showed off her new look on Good Morning Britain. Audiences begged the 40-year-old to put down the needles and scalpels.

Price revealed that she’d add her own fat injected into her face and backside to achieve the ‘perfect’ look. She spoke to Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid about her procedures, even admitting herself that she looks like a “space invader”.

It didn’t take long for Twitter to explode with comments mocking Price. That being said, she claims she’s “calmed down” over the years and maintains she no longer looks like a duck. She recalled that she was more extreme with her looks when she was with Dwight Yorke.

Recently jetting to Turkey, the mum of five went under the knife for a facelift, bum lift, and liposuction. Discussing her bigger derriere, Price said, “And then I had my own fat put in my bum, you can call it a Brazilian bum lift but I haven’t had implants.”

Featured image credit: Katie Price/Instagram

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