K-Pop Stars BTS Are Releasing A Mobile Game Called BTS World Tomorrow

Can’t wait to play this!


K-Pop superstars, BTS, are releasing a mobile game tomorrow.

The band has apparently spent the last two years working on the game, with 10,000 new images and 100 exclusive video clips. They’ve also recorded three new tracks: All Night, Dream Glow and A Brand New Day.


In the game, the player takes the role of the band’s manager. However, it’s set several years ago – so your decisions influences how the band becomes so huge. Alternatively, if you make the wrong decisions and the band doesn’t find success, they will chase their other dreams. The band has revealed what they would have pursued had they not become global superstars. For example, one wanted to become a strawberry farmer, and another wanted to be a Taekwondo champion.


Netmarble spokesperson Chastity Irizarry told Metro: “You get to dive a little deeper into their personalities, they’re really silly and fun and play off each other,

“It’s going to be really fun for people to unpack as they go through the game, really getting to see a new side of them.”


They continued: “Since you are going back in time as part of their main story for their debut, how they became a band and things like that. It’s inspired by the struggles they did have as a group when they first got started. It’s a fun way to get to know the band.

“It’s more of a personal experience seeing as you’re the only talent manager.”

Featured image credit: Netmarble

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