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Judge Rinder Fans Can’t Cope After ‘Ed Sheeran’ Appears In Court


A man, who looks suspiciously like superstar Ed Sheeran, appeared on ITV2’s Judge Rinder, and the public couldn’t quite believe the resemblance.

Wes, a supermarket worker, appeared in front of the judge as he wanted back £1,000 he apparently loaned to his brother-in-law, Adam.

However, Adam insisted he had paid back some of the money, and is adamant that he doesn’t owe his brother-in-law £1000 – instead he believed it was £720.

Sadly, as the pair couldn’t agree on the exact amount, Judge Rinder couldn’t enforce a ruling. So he didn’t get his money.

Wes was fuming, but no one really cared about that because look how similar he is to Ed Sheeran…


No one could quite believe the resemblance…

Judge Rinder airs weekday afternoons, 2pm, on ITV.

Mel Ramsay

Mel Ramsay

Senior Editorial Manager