Joe Wicks Blasted By Fans After Sharing ‘Dangerous’ Picture Of His Daughter

Some people are not happy.


Fitness guru, Joe Wicks, has been criticised by his fans after sharing a ‘dangerous’ picture of his daughter.

The picture, which was taken on the beach in Costa Rica while Joe and his family are on holiday, shows him holding 10-month-old daughter Indie in the air, supporting her by the feet.

The 32-year-old posted the shot on Instagram earlier this week. He captioned it: “My dad used to balance me in his hand like this when I was a baby”.

Joe and his fiancee Rosie Jones, 28, are seemingly having a lovely time a holiday, however this didn’t stop a lot of his fans commenting on the picture, claiming it was ‘dangerous’.

One said: “What I say might attract criticism but I feel that it’s a little irresponsible of you.

“You’re in a foreign country, on the beach, miles away from anywhere you could get medical assistance.

“If you have dropped her God forbid, even worse on her head, what would’ve you done?

“You would not have posted this picture on Instagram to begin with, and at worst ended up in the hospital.

“And for what reason? To get some likes on Instagram? Was it truly worth the risk?”

Another added: “Regardless of the risk which is not my business I am fed up of literally tarting his child in a way to get more coverage.

“It’s truly sad and the child has totally no say at this age whether they want to be plastered all over media. I have no respect for this move.”

However, others jumped to his defence.

One fumed: “People are so stupid. This is perfectly normal. Natural reflexes for babies to balance themselves. No stranger than throwing a baby into a swimming pool to let it swim on its own. Joe would have been in control at all times and he will know his daughter a lot better than your judgement on whether she would balance or not. God I hate people online sometimes.”

Another added: “Give the guy a break. He has one hand free to catch Indie if she falls.

“And the hand that he’s holding her with, you can clearly see he has a great grip on her little tooties not to mention he trains well so he’s strong enough to hold her.

“Let them share a wonderful moment.”

“Anyone who follows @thebodycoach know full well how much he loves and adores his baby girl and therefore would never do something that could put her at risk,” said a third.

She continued: “Get a life it’s heartwarming to see a parent especially a father being so devoted and would hate for him to stop posting because of boring people like you !”

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