James Charles’ YouTube Channel Just Got Deleted And Fans Are Confused

What just happened?!


Eagle-eyed fans just noticed that James Charles’ YouTube account randomly disappeared for a 20 minutes earlier this evening, and as you can imagine it sent people into a bit of a meltdown.

When fans tweeted the beauty guru, James even responded saying that he had no idea where his account had gone, and why it had disappeared – even joking that Susan (Susan Wojcicki – CEO of YouTube) had cancelled him.

Don’t worry though, it appears to have quickly been a glitch in the system, as Charles’ YouTube is safely back and intact – but it didn’t stop fans losing their minds thinking that he’d decided to just leave the beauty community once and for all.

We’ll keep you updated if there’s anymore information on what happened, and why his channel was deleted if anymore news comes to light.

[Featured Image Credit: James Charles YouTube]

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