James Charles And Tati Westbrook Feud Just Got A WHOLE Lot Worse

There’s been some ‘fake texts’ flying around, apparently.


Just when you thought that everything had died down with the whole Tati Westbrook and James Charles drama, things take another turn for the worse and James might be about to get into even more hot water (if that wasn’t already possible.)

So, if you aren’t up to date, then after the whole drama unfolded yesterday James Charles’ beauty guru BFF, Nikita Dragun ‘set the record straight’ with some text messages she claims they exchanged setting him up with Sugarbear Hair because he was getting ‘mobbed’ at Coachella.

Despite trying to help her friend by showing off ‘the receipts’, her attempt initially failed, with many followers hitting out at Nikita saying that if anything, she had just made him look worse.

But then gossip drama channel, TeaSpill – who had BEEN in contact with James Charles before Tati’s video even surfaced on YouTube – posted another tweet that basically outed James for allegedly ‘lying’ to them about how he acquired the Sugarbear Hair security. Awks, James.

TeaSpill then went on write: “James made it seem like he was being mobbed and sugar bear hair rushed to his rescue. When really he texted his friends asking if he could have a deal. He had time to put “thought and emotion” into it but his only emotion was wanting to enjoy coachella..”

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