Jake Peralta Finally Gets His Die Hard Moment In New Brooklyn Nine-Nine Trailer

Messenger he first trailer for the sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has arrived, giving Jake Peralta the …read more


he first trailer for the sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine has arrived, giving Jake Peralta the chance to finally live out his Die Hard fantasy.

With the show set to return in January, the brand new trailer was dubbed as “the best 95 seconds OF. YOUR. LIFE” over on Twitter. It captures Peralta channeling his inner John McClane before the realisation that the whole thing is nothing but his imagination.


It was captioned: “Not to be dramatic, but this is going to be the best 95 seconds OF. YOUR. LIFE.#Brooklyn99 makes the leap to @NBC Thursday, January 10.”

No instead of Jake’s action-packed interpretation, the clip is nothing but his idea of what the Nine-Nine’s recruitment video should look like.

The show is set to return on its new home of NBC on January 10. The network immediately picked up the show just one day after it was canceled by Fox.

Season six will see the full cast return, though Chelsea Peretti announced back in October that Gina Linetti would be bowing out of the show earlier than the rest.

Fans have been promised a worthy exit for her character though.

Melissa Fumero, who plays Amy Santiago, discussed the exit with TVLine: “It’s f***ing epic. It’s such a great Gina episode. Her grand finale is with Amy and Rosa, as it should be.

“She has stuff with everybody, but they paired her with us and we had so much fun shooting that last week. It was bittersweet and sad and we definitely cried, happy tears.”

Show runner Dan Goor added that the show will send her off in “a very Gina Linetti-esque way” – which means it’ll most likely be extremely over the top in the best kind of way.

It seems the door isn’t shut on a potential return for Linetti though, which will undoubtedly offer some kind of comfort to fans.

When announcing that she would be leaving, she said: “B99 fans. Hiiiiiiiiiiii. Chelsea Peretti, here. I won’t be doing a full season of Brooklyn Nine Nine in Season 6. But that doesn’t mean I won’t ever be back, winky face emoji, heart emoji. I want to thank you for the hours you spent watching Gina be Gina: confident, idiotic-but-smart, pithy, and infused with rhythm and cell-phone radiation.”

There’s been more good news for fans, as season seven of the show is sounding increasingly likely, before season six has even aired.

When Andy Samberg was asked whether season six could be the last, he told TVLine “one hundred percent no”.

He did follow up his response by saying he was just “trying to being confident”, still we’re just looking at the positives right now.

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