Jake Paul Wants To Fight Chris Brown After Winning His YouTube Boxing Match


Manchester was treated to a huge night of boxing over the weekend, which was headlined by er, YouTube personalities, Logan Paul and KSI.

Logan’s younger brother Jake was also part of the event’s undercard, fighting the little brother of KSI and another YouTube star, Deji.

The whole thing still seems relatively bizarre but despite the blatant lack of quality in terms of the actual boxing, the event proved to be a genuine commercial success.

Jake took the victory against Deji and now he seems to have set his sights on another celebrity fight with Chris Brown…Of course.

Yep, after securing his first boxing win, Paul fancies himself against the controversial musician in a match up that could prove to be one of the most unpopular of all time.

“I wanna call someone out. I wanna keep on fighting, I love the sport,” Paul said. “Chris Brown — I know you were supposed to fight Soulja Boy, but I think it’s time to get in the ring with someone your size. So, Chris Brown, I want to see you.”

The YouTube star made the rather bizarre call out during his post-fight interview after securing a TKO victory.

And Jake is obviously feeling pretty confident about any matchup that may or may not materialise, taking aim at those who doubted him ahead of his match with Deji.

Already though a source apparently close to Chris Brown told HollywoodLife that the musician “has no clue who this Jake Paul is,”

“He’s not even on his radar, so he has no idea why he’s name checking him. He assumes he’s doing it just to get publicity.”

Brad Lengden
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