Instagram’s Latest Update Includes A Feature That No-one Wanted

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Instagram Screenshot Feature

We’re only a couple of days into the new year and Instagram is ruining lives in 2019. The popular social media app’s latest update has just installed a feature that alerts someone when you take a screenshot.

Basically, if you want to share your new crush’s saucy DMs or some serious shade of what someone’s up to, Instagram has put a serious dampener on our stalking days.

Instagram Stock Image

The Tab first discovered the terrifying new feature and confirmed that the update will notify someone if you screenshot a direct message they’ve sent. It ruins all the fun, because let’s face it, no one likes a nark. As the screenshot below shows, a notification saying “screenshot taken” will appear alongside the message in the sender’s inbox.

Instagram screenshot update
The Tab

Thankfully, there’s a silver lining. You can still stalk until your heart’s content and screenshot someone’s Instagram story. Let’s be honest though, all the good stuff is hiding where someone slides into your DMs. If someone has been sending you real-life eggplant emojis and you take a screenshot for later, expect them to be alerted.

Instagram has also added some handy WhatsApp-style voice notes for direct messages, but it hardly makes up for hours of endless chatter about who’s been saying what in private messages. Safe to say, this one won’t be getting a heart tap from us.

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Just when you thought 2019 would be new year, new me, it looks like Instagram took that mentality one step further. Why couldn’t they get rid of people’s ability to post their entire camera role on their story as an “In Memoriam” to last year? That’s the kind of feature we want Instagram!

Do you remember when Snapchat did a similar thing with screenshots a few years ago? Well, things didn’t exactly end well there. Snapchat has taken a tumble in popularity and barely anyone uses it except those who ‘need’ a dog face filter.

Admittedly, Instagram’s update makes it easier to track down anyone planning revenge porn, but you shouldn’t really be sharing your private parts on there anyway. First Tumblr and now this…will the last person on Instagram please turn off the lights on the way out?


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