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IKEA Is Trialling Vegan Meatballs That ‘Look And Taste Like Meat’



If you’re vegan or vegetarian, then you’ll know that the amount of food you can now enjoy seems to be increasing by the day.

It seems that now even IKEA is getting involved with their famous meatballs.

However, the IKEA-loving veggies among you will know that the store already sells vegan hotdogs and meatballs. However, they are made with mashed up chickpeas, carrots, peas, peppers, sweetcorn, and kale.

The new meat-free meatballs will now look and taste a lot more like meat, using a plant-based alternative protein.

Managing director at Ikea Food Services Michael La Cour said: “It is a really exciting industry! Looking at the quality of the products that we have been tasting I am looking forward to serve a delicious plant based meatball made from alternative protein at Ikea.

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