Iceland’s New Vegan Range Looks Incredible

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Going Vegan has comfortably outlived what many had labelled it to be… Nothing more than a social trend.

In fact, Veganism has gone on to be an increasingly popular lifestyle choice, with the number of people opting to go vegan in the UK doubling twice in the last four years.

It’s therefore no surprise that supermarkets have had to adapt to the shift, facilitating the 56% of adults who are now adopting vegan behaviours in supermarket aisles.

Taking a look at the choices of younger generations, Veganism is even more mainstream. 25% of Millennials now live Vegan, Vegetarian of Flexitarian lifestyles.

Making the jump to a non-meat lifestyle can be hard, transitioning into a fully vegan diet can be even harder, and not to mention costly!

For anyone thinking of making the switch, or those who have and are looking to stock up their freezer, we’ve got the perfect thing!

Iceland’s vegan range features an impressive list of affordable and innovative vegan options, that could convert even the stubbornest diners! For a limited time, students can get 10% off their grocery shop in-store and save money online.

No Bull Jalapeño Burgers – £2.00, 2 pack

These spicy patties look and taste just like meat and have an extra kick from the jalapeño to add to their rich and juicy flavour.

No Chick Crispy Fillets – £2.00, 2 pack

These crispy coated fillets are the perfect for alternative to traditional coated chicken steaks, with a juicy pulled texture to replicate the nation’s favourite meat.

No Chick and No Porkies Paella – £2.00, 400g

A quick and convenient meal for one, filled with meat-replicating chicken and chorizo, as well as a range of vegetables and rice, creating the perfect vegan dish.

No Bull Chilli and Rice – £2.00, 400g

Another quick and convenient dish for one, packed with No Bull Mince, vegetables and rice to create the perfect plant-based chilli.

Asian Burgers – £2.00, 2 pack

Asian-inspired wheat protein burgers with a firm texture and bite. They’re great for all types of cooking methods.

No Bull ‘Meat’ Balls – £2.00, 16 pack

The perfect ‘meaty’ alternative for classic family favourites like spaghetti and meatballs.

Tofu Vegetable Burgers – £2.00, 2 pack

These unique tofu and vegetable burgers are a new approach to a classic vegan dish.


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