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Iceland Is Selling Hash Brown Fries And They Sound Delicious

Get in ma belly

Hash Brown Iceland

We’ve all been there — shoving your gob with as many McDonald’s breakfast hash browns as you physically can. If you miss the breakfast rush and crave all that shredded potato goodness, Iceland has brought hash brown fries into our lives.

Potatoes are versatile anyway, but whoever thought of hash browns needs a pat on the back. While the ones you have at home aren’t quite the same, oven hash browns are a suitable substitute. Whether sitting on the side of your plate for a Full English or just an accompaniment for dinner, there’s always time for hash browns.

Money Saver Online shared the news of hash brown fries and we’re so ready for them. It sounds like they aren’t brand new though. One hash hunter wrote, “Noooooooo don’t tell everyone !!!!!! I’ve lived off these for months.”

Mmm!! These Hash Brown Fries have been spotted for £1.85 in-store at Iceland…😍 😋

Posted by Money Saver Online on Thursday, March 14, 2019

Another wrote, “My doctor said my umm… hash brown intake is err… dangerously low and he recommends we get these to keep me healthy.” One fool wrote, “hash brown chips? Aren’t they just the same as…. chips?” Oh, if only they knew.

So far, 51 all-star reviews have awarded the hash brown fries an impressive 4.9 out of 5. Unsurprisingly, they’ve started doing the rounds on Twitter.

The official Iceland website reveals these golden goodies are “formed, shredded and seasoned potato with onion pre-fried in rapeseed oil.” You can almost smell them cooking from here.

Pair them with sausages, fish, or Turkey Dinosaurs. The options are frankly limitless. I’m already imagining a scenario where I roll around the floor, covered in hash brown fries, or bath in a tub full of them. 

Costing just £1.85 for a £700g bag, you’de better get stocking up. Just like when Aldi introduced halloumi fries and the nation went crazy, I’m imagining these will be flying out of Iceland’s freezers and into our lives. 

[Featured Image: Fox/Iceland]

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