‘How I Met Your Mother’ Creator Confirms One Of Show’s Biggest Fan Theories

It’s been six years since the show last aired, but fans finally now have answers…


It’s been a long time since we had any new information about the ever-loved series, How I Met Your Mother, and that’s partly down to the fact that it’s been six whole years since THAT finale (yes, I’m still angry about it).

But now, the show is back in the news again after it’s creator, Craig Thomas revealed that a Reddit theory about the identity of Lily’s ‘famous relative’ was actually true – and that her character IS related to famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

“Carter [Bays – co-creator] and I were lucky enough to write/shoot a few sketches with Buzz Aldrin when we wrote for Late Show with David Letterman… so we named Lily “Aldrin” in his honour!”

While we don’t get to see much about Lily’s family in the series, one of the family members fans do meet is Lily’s grandmother, Lois.

In an interest turn of events, Buzz Aldrin was married to Lois Driggs Cannon from 1988 to 2012, which would make Lois Lily’s step-grandmother considering Buzz Aldrin’s first wife, Joan Ann Archer, gave him a daughter named Janice, which is actually the same name as Lily’s mother in the show.

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